Making Delicious Banana Pancake From Scratch

18 May

The number of times have you had bananas go bad right after you have acquired them? Often it is hard to use them up and not get sick of the taste. Over ripe bananas taste terrible so using them in a scrumptious way is a little difficult. They can be made into bread or muffins but what if you do not have the time for that. Rather make a banana pancake recipe that will just take a little bit of time and a couple of other components.

Bananas overcome ripe when the skins begin to turn brown and spotty. This is when they are absolutely best to cook with. Make sure the fruit of the banana does not have brown or black spots and if it does cut them out. If the consistency is a bit mushy it is time to use them to make pancakes.

You will require 2 bowls to make these pancakes. In the first one step one cup of white flour, one tablespoon sugar, one fourth teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of baking powder. You will wish to combine all these components and go to the next bowl.

In bowl second beat one egg well. Step 2 tablespoons grease and one cup of milk and add it to the egg. Get rid of the peel from 2 bananas that are over ripe. Put them in a cereal bowl and mash them with a fork until they are mashed down well. Toss the banana in with egg milk combination and whisk this well with a large kitchen whisk. Now begin to slowly include the mix in the very first bowl. Whisk each addition in until all mixed. If the batter gets too heavy switch to a large spoon to stir this extremely bumpy batter.

Location a big skillet on a burner and get it hot then add some vegetable oil. Dig a fourth of a cup of the pancake batter and put it in the skillet. Wait until the bottom of the pancake gets brown and turn it over for the other side to get done and position it on a dish with some butter spread on it.

You can include a couple of things to the batter to make them more uncommon and something has to do with 1 to 2 tablespoons of smooth peanut butter. Another is one 4th of a cup of mini chocolate chips. Another variation is to include one 4th cup of sliced strawberries.

There are numerous things you can place on top of your gezonde bananenpannenkoeken. You can use syrup or simply put on some whipped cream. To make a dessert pancake you can put on chocolate syrup. Honey or caramel sauce that is usually utilized for ice cream is good. You can make these pancakes for breakfast or lunch and they even can be found in handy as a special dessert.

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